icon art byじっぽ

icon art byじっぽ

🎀 Catsu 🎀

v-tuber streamer and artist

warm your heart with cuteness!


Credit is mandatory. Please credit me as @Catsu_nyan
♥ I will only accept requests that I am comfortable with in terms of subject difficulty and complexity (no complex armour, no super muscular bodytype)
♥ Depending on my load, it can take up to 3 weeks to complete your commission (subject to change)
♥ Art may only be used for personal use (including streaming). Let me know me if you want to use for merchandizing, as the price will be an extra 100%. Credit is mandatory.
♥ I reserve the right to stream/post my work. If you want a NDA(non-disclosure agreement), that will cost an extra 15%
♥ Preferred payment will be through my Ko-fi here but paypal is also available
No cancellations, no refunds, no chargebacks. These will result in you being blacklisted and all rights of the artwork will belong to me
Work will begin after payment
Priority: My general commissions are not first come first serve, I work in the order that I want. However, if you have a deadline, please let me know and I can do a rush order for extra cost.